Brand Strategy

Most of our clients need an identity. When they come to us with a start up or a rebrand, we work with them on perception, differentiation and truly understanding the product and their end-user. Brand strategy includes a vision for digital, physical (print) and environmental experiences. Deliverables within brand are a corporate identity, website, and physical pieces. We help clients connect with their customers on an emotional level and build long-lasting relationships.

If you’ve got a product to launch, an image to build, a vision to share, or a story to tell, you are going to want to work with Seth Sanders.

Responsive Web Design

The bottom line … we work with our clients to launch digital products using a “design thinking” approach. This “design thinking” approach means that no product—a print piece, a website, a mobile app, a software application—begins without us thinking about the end user first. We reverse from the end-user and build a product that delivers exactly what that specific person desires in a product. With empathy and integrity, we listen to our client first, then we listen to the end-user. In that listening, our goal is that all deliverables tell our client’s story and, in turn, their end users become evangelists for their product. Win/Win. Period.

Analytics Consulting

You’ve got data and lots of it. If you’re like most enterprises, you’re struggling to transform massive information into actionable insights for better decision making and increased business results.

We develop advanced analytics strategies, helping clients derive a competitive advantage from their data assets and analytic capabilities.

We deploy advanced analytics for decision support, helping clients improve operational effectiveness and efficiency through innovative uses of data and analytics.

We help clients build the advanced analytics organization and capabilities required to execute strategies and deploy decision support applications. We support organization and capability building with our unique approach.

Digital Marketing

Today’s digital landscape is more competitive than ever, requiring marketing leaders to execute online strategies that attract, convert, and retain more customers. Combining analytics with our goal-driven methodology, We will help you benchmark your current initiatives, establish clear and realistic objectives, and create a roadmap for your success.

As your digital marketing consultant who understands the “customer journey,” we offer strategy, implementation, optimization, and training across your multichannel marketing activity to increase visibilitytraffic, and conversion — maximizing your digital marketing return on investment.


Since the beginning of time, okay well not the beginning of time, but since our launch back in 2002 we have always worn two hats, Design and Development. We are right-and-left-brain thinkers over here. For us, web design and web development go hand in hand. That’s why our clients are confident in the knowledge that whatever we design can be coded, to a tee.

As cross-brain thinkers, whatever we conceive with our clients in meetings, we are confident we can achieve in code. We know the pitfalls, the time suckers, the time wasters, the “oh no, don’t do that” stuff and since we approach all projects with a design thinking mentality, we are always thinking about the end user.

Search + Online Marketing

With optimization and conversion optimization, we precisely target our client’s audience, creating measurable results. We help our clients grow their audience through both paid and organic search. Search engines are progressing to deliver search results more accurately. Frequently released Google algorithm updates disrupt the existing, natural search results. Pro-active businesses can survive these interruptions or even improve while others will suffer from the financial impact.

Measuring Success + Iterate

Google Analytics and A/B testing are essential in measuring success and in optimizing the conversion process. Fine-tuning over light iterations to find the “sweet spots” using our systematic approach to Conversion Rate Optimization will increase your revenue.

Three reasons to test and optimize:

  1. It improves the user’s overall satisfaction with your brand.
  2. It lowers the customer acquisition costs to help your company maximize profits.
  3. It optimizes your conversion funnel.

Our optimization offerings include: user surveys, testing, analytics, heat maps, A/B testing, content writing, ad/PPC management and website maintenance services.