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You can't lead what you don't live

I didn’t create the Local Hero Framework to elevate and liberate other entrepreneurs or business owners. I created it for myself. The LHF was born out of my own real-life experience. I lead from what I have lived. Are you ready to become a Local Hero?

I will teach you how to:


In the beginning...

I quit a six-figure job in the winter of 2017. I had just helped take a startup from $400,000 to $40,000,000 in less than six years but I wanted to be able to have the flexibility to support my wife in her real estate career aspirations. I had to come up with a salary replacement plan fast. With my background in web design and marketing, I have long been frustrated at seeing many Main Street USA businesses with sub-par websites and online marketing from 2007 trying to stand out.

And then..

I harnessed my 15+ years of web design, SEO, and Internet Marketing experience and began implementing these strategies for local businesses with tremendous results. Painters, HVAC companies, roofers, contractors, house cleaners, pool servicers, and more all became beneficiaries of my expertise in helping climb the local search ranks. My long-held philosophy is that Main Street USA is the lifeblood of strong communities. It was very rewarding helping out local service providers.

The real breakthrough..

There came a time in early 2022 when I couldn’t possibly handle more business. I was turning businesses away. Business owners were pleading with me to take them on. Not wanting to over-extend myself, I set out to define the best actions for a local business to implement themselves. With this proven framework, local businesses across the country have gone from surviving-to-thriving. And best of all, months and sometimes years later, many of the methods that I teach will require very little management after we set them up. Google will continue to reward you with excellent positioning.

The Local Hero Framework is born..

As my formula for attention began to take shape, I realized that I was putting together a full-blown local marketing framework. Not just some best practices but a real, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-implement framework for how to stand out in crowded marketplaces. This evolved into a more comprehensive digital strategy and has become the Local Hero Framework. Business owners will have the tools to DIY their digital presence. Building evergreen systems that need minimal human oversight. After all, you have a business to run, Little League to coach, and a community that needs you.  Become a Local Hero. 

What I Believe

If you don’t take control of the narrative that surrounds your business, then others will do that for you. You should be the one defining your business, not your competition.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and fledgling agencies can successfully market themselves or their clients by understanding and nailing a handful of key principles with some extra special sauce thrown in.

Every business owner should have a basic understanding of internet marketing principles and how they all interconnect even if they decide to hire out for the position.

I believe that there is “sky is the limit” value in the LHF for individuals looking to start a local marketing agency. (Don’t worry, I have extra modules just for you!)

Not a technical person?

You don’t have to be! I have created bite-sized easy-to-follow videos. It is equivalent to hand-holding. We also have a great Facebook Group where you can get help and find answers.